22 Disgusted People Reveal The Absolute Trashiest Thing They Ever Saw In Public

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istockphoto.com / Yuri_Arcurs
istockphoto.com / Yuri_Arcurs

1. Fight over Taco Bell

I saw a visibly pregnant girl throw down her cigarette to get in a fist fight at Taco Bell at 2 AM. A police officer broke it up.


2. Wait…?

I work at a restaurant. Yesterday I looked out into the parking lot and saw a pregnant woman, in scrubs, smoking a cigarette. She came into my restaurant and up to my register and I saw that her ID badge said “head of nurses, [hospital name].” Her eyes were bloodshot and she seemed not sober. I was so confused.


3. If you gotta go, you gotta go!

Drunk girl couldn’t find a toilet on Saturday night so proceeded to pee in her handbag.


4. “You don’t even know”

Walking to a diner after bar adventures at 2am, we take the shortcut down an alley and stumble upon a prostitute with one leg wedged up high on a dumpster while she…relieves herself. It was like someone just tapped a fire hydrant. I said “rough night?” as we passed and she said, “sweetheart, you don’t know the half of it.” It still haunts my dreams and that was at least 10 years ago.


5. What is she doing on the sidewalk?

I was walking down the street when out of the corner of my eye I saw a lady kneeling further down the sidewalk. She saw me, got up and started walking in my direction, and as she passed she shot me a nasty look and yelled, “I don’t give a fuck!” I was confused until I passed by the place she was kneeling at and saw a small pile of shit.


6. Hm, what’s going on here?

A pregnant woman putting out her cigarette on her kids’ school bag whilst yelling “No way am I doing that ya dog!” into the phone.


7. Trashiest night ever with mom!

Walked past two people having sex at a glass tram stop in the middle of a road with full visibility in almost every direction.

Invited my mum over to see my new apartment. Some lady in the street who was totally off her face and stumbling everywhere at 2 in the afternoon decided to yell abuse and racial slurs at us. My mum was a bit shaken so I took her up to my place and pointed out what a lovely view of the park I have. We proceed to admire the view and after a few seconds of watching a guy getting a blowjob in broad daylight I decided to just make her a cup of tea.


8. This mom doesn’t give a fuck

I was at a Marshall’s buying some clothes and this younger mom (couldn’t be more than 25) and her 2 or 3 year old daughter were near me. The daughter sneezes and the mom takes a t-shirt off the rack, wipes her nose with it, and puts it back on the rack.

I let out an audible gasp cause that shit is nasty. She pretends I am not there and walks away with her now cleaned up daughter. I walk up to the shirt they used and it has snot all over the front side of it. From that day on, I always washed any new clothes I bought.


9. Don’t go to the buffet

At a buffet, a woman peeling the crispy skin off of a whole tray of fried chicken and piling it on her plate. She walked off leaving a pile of stripped chicken and ate her plate full of skin.



I was in Spain as a kid, 25 years ago. We were in the countryside and enjoying the view with Binoculars. Saw a man we think was a shepherd who:

  • Took a shit
  • Wiped his ass by digging it out with his hand
  • Took out his penis, started pissing-
  • Then proceeded to wash his hands in the jet of piss.

Did it all like he had done it a million times before, which he probably had. I was nine years old at the time — can never unsee.


11. This story is wild

This lady who came into the liquor store I used to work at on Fourth of July, actually, it was the last day I was there. This lady came in, around late 40s or 50s. She was completely beet red, in a see through shirt and bikini, not the most flattering look. She grabbed a fifth of jäger from the fridge. She said, “sorry I’ve been drinking all day.” Then this dude comes up behind her with another fifth of jäger. And then she just keeps yelling at this poor dude, “put it back or I’ll fuck your girlfriend!

And it was at that moment that I realized I don’t want to be back there as an employee ever again.


12. Never too old to be trashy

A middle-aged couple dry humping against my parked car like they were horny teens. I was still in it.

As in they were up against the side of my car (towards the rear, possibly one butt cheek on top of my trunk at some point at the most), but not actually both on top of it, like on the hood or roof or something. I was parked so I faced a wall, and they were just in my blind spot, so all I could really feel was the rhythmic rocking, but Lord knows they were all up in that business like two possibly drunk (and/or high) savages. Can’t remember if I turned the ignition or not at some point, or they just left on their own, but it only lasted for about 30-45 seconds.


13. Stop pissing in public!

A woman holding her little girl’s skirts up (2 or 3 years old) so she could have a wee directly in front of my livingroom window. I had to go stand in the kitchen until I was sure they’d moved on.

There is a public toilet within sight of the house, approximately 20m away, but no, this woman thought it was more appropriate to just let her daughter urinate in the middle of a well-used public walkway.


14. Momma’s Bar

At a supper club in rural WI, the teenage girl who was bartender was also drinking while working … while babysitting her son. It was about 9pm and there was a fistful of townies hanging out and whatnot. Momma was smokin’ cigarettes and chatting while dancing her baby on the bar.

At one point she leaned over and asked my friend if she could hold the baby “for a hot minute while I go in the bathroom with jimmy”


15. Walmart

I watched a morbidly obese woman in a wife beater, no bra, and booty shorts open a packet of wet bathroom wipes, remove one, dig down into her shorts to wipe her ass crack, and put the container and used shit stained wipe back on the shelf. Just standing in the aisle wiping her ass like its no big deal. This, of course, happened at Walmart.

On a less disgusting note, I was getting my car service last year and a young mom (probably around my age, honestly) had her infant with her. My jaw dropped as she put diet mountain dew into a baby bottle and prop it up in the baby’s mouth while she went to smoke a cigarette. This baby couldn’t have been more than 3 months. Its amazing the shit clueless parents will do to their kids.


16. T-R-A-S-H-Y

It was at night on St. Patrick’s day about 2-3 years ago. Some friends and I walked past a couple making out in the grass next to a busy intersection. 45 minutes later we’re heading back the way we came and now these two drunken lovebirds are straight up fucking out in the open. Good times


17. All the emotions here

This was really sad. I was riding the bus home and these two severely intoxicated adults were blabbering on and being obscene. They were talking loudly about being on drugs and they were groping each other. Everyone on the bus was just trying to ignore them. Then this voice rings out from the back of the bus and it’s their young teen son.

They didn’t know he was on the bus and he had to witness this behavior and I’m sure by the look on his face that’d he’d experienced this before. He pleaded with them to stop and they just doubled down. He looked like he was going to be in tears and he just got off the bus and left. I wanted to run after him and offer some kind of help but there was nothing I could do. I hope that kid turned out ok :/


18. Why did you have to reproduce?

I worked a admissions gate at a local fair this year, some guy is walking out with his wife and probably two-year-old daughter. He has a shirt on with an arrow pointing to his wife on his left and it says, “I only keep her around for the blow jobs.”


19. King Neckbeard

Went to a bar on new years and saw some interesting people. Most notably I saw what looked to be the king neckbeard. A very obese, disheveled man wearing a black kilt and a tucked in black shirt which said “I shaved my balls for this?”

He looked exactly like how you would picture him.


20. Having sex under the fireworks

I was at a fireworks show at the beach this past 4th of July. There is a couple where the chick is clearly half the guy’s age…like it could have been his daughter. They are all over each other to the point where it’s noticeable to everyone around them.

My friends and I are chuckling at them and what not but then the fireworks start and we all focus on that. I look back and the girl is giving the guy a handjob under their blanket. The blanket is visibly flapping up and down. Meanwhile, there are families and kids running around. No shame whatsoever.


21. What the…

I was at the mall when I saw a woman change her baby’s diaper at the rest area (the spot with benches, trees, water fountain, etc) which was all of maybe 15 feet from the restroom. She dumped the shitty diaper in the tree planter along with the shit-covered wipes and walked off — leaving the powerful stink of baby turds wafting around the rest area.


22. Blowjobs for everyone!

Outside my favorite college bar, I saw a couple each wearing matching Marlboro jackets. The female peeled and ate a banana whole. She then preceded to blow her boyfriend in front of 10 or so onlookers, including the bouncer who merely asked them to take it around the corner.


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